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Specializing in:

Keynote Addresses for Government and Businesses Events

Workshops to bring understanding of smart manufacturing to educators

Sales, Marketing, Product Roadmaps for Industry

Copywriting for industrial controls and manufacturing

Customized books for training and marketing


Founded by Mike Nager in 2021, Industrial Insights makes available his 25 years of experience in the industrial controls industry and as an advocate for Smart Manufacturing.

Mike has been named a Top IIoT, Industry 4.0, or Smart Manufacturing influencer for multiple years by different organizations.

Mike has worked with or consulted for organizations including Zebra Technologies, SAP, Atheneum, and with educational institutions like WVU, NJIT, Northeastern University, and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

PODCAST appearances

Listen in as Mike discusses various elements of Smart Manufacturing related to the Re-Shoring movement and education!

The Manufacturing Executive

The WBS Podcast

The Kula Ring


Upcoming Events:

The Oracle Innovation Forum, Chicago IL, April 27, 2022

The Smart Manufacturing Experience, Pittsburgh PA, June 7, 2022

Previous Events

The Nevada Economic Development Forum, 2018

The West Virginia University Educator's Summit Workshop, 2019

The Montreal I4.0 Manufacturing Forum, 2019


Books Available in print and ebook format!

The Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing
Written for students and others without ANY experience or knowledge of manufacturing. No confusing jargon, easy to read. Topics range from the recent state of manufacturing to the career paths available.

The Smart Manufacturing Terms You Need to Know!
Smart Manufacturing incorporates terms from the telecom, consumer electronics, and other industries onto the plant floor and even seasoned professionals are wondering "what does it all mean?". This glossary or compendium defines more than 120 terms used on the production floor.

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